Golf course, the ideal place for your professional events

If you want to organize a training day, a business seminar or a meeting while enjoying a place in the nature offering team building activities, golf is the ideal option.

Whether in Malaga, Cadiz or Sotogrande, there are dozens of golf courses on the Costa del Sol with meeting rooms perfectly equipped for business seminars combining work and relaxation.

Organizing an event in a golf club in Sotogrande also allows you to reach several goals in both business and communication terms:

Business objectives
• Present a product or a service
• Bring together employees around a challenge
• Start new projects

Communication objectives
• Associate the image of the company with the image of the golf club
• Communicate to customers and prospects
• Increase brand notoriety

Golf is a sport where you can spend four hours with a client without speaking business. On the other hand, the links which are developed are stronger, more human, and therefore more sincere.

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